Types of Dating

There are various forms of dating, which are all guided by our perception of what true love is. After having carried out research and made observations, I have come up with five: back dating, forward dating, relative dating and carbon dating.

Back dating

You keep searching for that one person whom you believed to be your one true love. You find him/her in many different people but never as one person. You, therefore, keep switching and never rest. Please clear your history or better still, go to the ghosts of the one you loved but wronged and tell them to forgive you.

Forward dating

Most of us are likely to deny ever being found here, but many lovers fall in this category. You date someone because of their future. Love promises to be better due to a likely promotion. Lest you forget, even the stars are not sure whether they will shine tomorrow, despite looking so bright tonight.

Relative dating

This group always sees grass that is greener on the other side, yet do not want to water theirs. Be it to real life friends or tv shows, they are always comparing and blaming their companion for the lack of lustre in their companionship. One would only wish that their eyeballs were placed with the pupils facing inside rather than outside in order for them to become better students.

Carbon dating

They have the fuel and know what it is to keep love alive. They look in the other person’s heart instead of looking outside. Too bad if the other person doesn’t look back and falls in one of the above categories. Two carbon daters form a strong covalent bond, a perfect union, a world of their own. Such cases are rare and love often escapes them.



  1. Emily · August 14, 2014


  2. hingamwonjoria · August 15, 2014

    Thanks Emily

  3. theveon · August 21, 2014

    I am convinced you could have owned this post and turned it into a bigger and fuller story.
    Facts are good but this is a blog post not a news story, putting in some warmth, animate attempts you made at jokes …and add an image. You have the skeleton Hinga, now give it some flesh.

  4. hingamwonjoria · August 22, 2014

    Thanks for the feedback @Veon. Much appreciated.

  5. Eunice Njoki Mungai · September 17, 2014

    this is really nice ….and i have seen where i fall in while dating….
    kudos Hinga

    • hingamwonjoria · September 17, 2014

      Thanks Eunice for reading. Just to ask, where do you fall?

  6. hingamwonjoria · September 17, 2014

    Thanks Eunice for reading. Just to ask, where do you fall?

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