Letter to an Ex

Dear ex,

By the time you read this, memories of you will have been reduced to a name on a sheet of paper. A paper that will be recycled and turned into tissue paper and used in the toilet. Your memories will be rotting and smelling in sewage together with other unwanted wastes, but will be too far away in both distance and time to have any impact in my life. And even if they reincarnate as nutrients in healthy looking sukumawiki grown in a sewage, I will be miles in a ship away. By the time you read this, I will have already forgotten that I even met you.

It’s hard to pronounce your name when all it soars up is bitter bile from my liver and ugly emotions from my heart that choke my throat, so I will just reduce you to a letter in an alphabet, x. You are the unknown x in this algebraic equation that causes problems in my life, and I don’t even intend to solve for you. I will dump you together with your infinite probabilities and matrices.

By the time you read this I will already have dug a hole and buried myself to go live in the underworld, for the devils there are less evil. I will already have taken my life away in the hope of being reborn in a better planet, the one you chose to call heaven.

Dear ex

It is hard to describe where or how I met you since you were there from the time I was born. You were the ground that trained my feet to walk, the air that opened my nostrils and the back that accepted my weight and encouraged me to snore. Yet, you make me now to turn my back on you and reject you.

Now I have to renounce everything that you have given me: school certificates that substituted for my brain, GMO and chemical food that substituted into my body parts, pharmaceutical drugs that form tree diagrams which lead to other drugs, more costly obviously, and jobs that bind my creativity. You turned me into a money slave by convincing me that I had to work in order to eat, whilst eating itself is already work. A slave that kept blaming the past slave trade of one of my brother against another brother, just because you taught us we had different colours, divided us into nations and religions; humans that kept fighting one another. You captured and trained my ego so that I could always strive to be better than the rest through exams and competitions.

You manufacture chemicals and eat as food, end up looking ugly, and then kill animals in order to make ornaments and clothes out of them and try to look beautiful. You are cruel; it’s you who is killing my mother. She showers you with blessings of free wind and solar energy, yet you insist on digging the ground on which she steps in order to extract and burn fuel that spoils the air she breathes, all for the lust of power and money.

You make me leave my family, coz I can tolerate you no more. I can only weep for my mother, but I hope to find another. You have brainwashed my brothers and sisters through the mainstream media and they turn against me whenever I speak to them in a language they understand. I have to be content in trying to educate them through comedy, music and art even though they may not understand. They just laugh, snap and applaud; call this stuff deep since they can’t see it.

By the time you read this, I will have known what true freedom is.



  1. Kizzy B · September 13, 2014

    so heavy , who hurt you?
    I loved it though

    • hingamwonjoria · September 13, 2014

      People love hurting each other Kizzy. Read it as many times as you want and you will find out. Its between/beneath the lines.

      • Kizzy B · September 13, 2014

        i noticed 🙂 ” correction people don’t like hurting each other, We just decide to hurt someone that’s all it all about decisions

  2. Eddy Ongili · September 13, 2014

    Well thought out. Not cheesy, infact I really enjoyed this. This is very concise prose poetry.

  3. muthoniemmy · September 15, 2014

    are you sure you can rid yourself off your X. This is life, its what we found them doing but change will still come. You don’t have to bury yourself six feet under. Plus the memoirs are better kept for they are a good reminder of where we have come from. We may call it civilization sometimes but there are always two sides of everything the pros the cons…. major on the pros

  4. Norah Archie · September 18, 2014

    life can leave one deflated at times but ……..”By the time you read this, I will have known what true freedom is.” nice wrap up………

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