What’s Up Love?

What’s up love?

It’s been long since I last saw you

You are rare yet everywhere

I guess it depends on the definition you take

Wait, how do we define you?


Some say that when they hold hands,

They find you there.

But then still I don’t understand

Why we sideline gentlemen who hold hands

And call them gay

What’s up love?


Don’t run away yet, I have another question for you

Are you the one who joins the lips of strangers who find beauty in a stolen kiss?

But then where do you hide when a gunman rapes a young child and tears his bliss?

Do I assume you are the one who kills?


Are you black, white, grey or even green?

Or do I assume that you move beneath, colourless and can’t be seen?

Because these colours discriminate, hate

Some can’t even mix

Maybe you can only be felt

But so are others too; anger, lust

How do I distinguish you from these two?


Other’s say you are hidden beneath religious books

In the name of God, takes many names and forms

Yet I fail to understand

Why sideline others and call them atheist, heathens, pagans

And why in heaven’s name do the Gods never seem to agree

On simple things like how many days it took to create the earth

Why do they always make humans fight, which one I’m I supposed to believe

What’s up love?



I can feel you at the bottom of my heart

And that you are there for me to share

But where the hell are you in the rest of the world?


I would have loved to love you

But do I even know you?

Maybe we are in a relationship

But I can only say it’s complicated.


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