Ulimi Tamu Album Review

i-writeNg’ash P aka Ulimi Tamu, has deep spiritual poetry that revolves around the issues in his background. He is good in delivery, word play and storytelling, making him an all-round spoken word artist, a rare thing to find in this industry. His well-done videos feature common themes such as calling out the evil in church, and very unique themes that only the trained eye of a talented artiste can spot, an example being the cry of a boy child who has been condemned by the society to an ego that cannot seek help. Two of his pieces, Mercy ya God and I Write, are very personal and relate to his journey as an artist. Mercy ya God speaks about the hardships faced by upcoming artists, such as hustling for fare then being denied the chance to perform, while I Write speaks about the dreams the Prophet from Githurai has, including taking his art to the standards of King Kaka, Kitu Sewer, Juliani and Vigeti.

My favorite piece in the album is ‘Phonecall’, as it brings a unique story of a boy who most people would condemn as reckless. The character highlighted in the piece is talented in poetry but is also lost in booze, drugs and women. Instead of condemning as most Christians would, Ulimi realizes that his friend needs help and instead prays for him, making a phone call to God. It is also good to note the writing gradually improves from the random punchlines in the first piece ‘Random Thoughts’ to the coherent storytelling in the last three pieces ‘Phonecall, Mercy ya God and I Write. Hopefully, his second album will be even better. Ulimi Tamu does not work alone on the album but also features great artists from his hood such as Arap Symore, Hannah with the sweet vocals in Be my Guide and the brilliant acting of K-nine as well as many other of his friends. The album goes for only kshs 200. You can make your orders by calling 0700021278, and yes, it is the first visual spoken word album in Kenya.


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